Channel Letters

What Are
Channel Letters?

Channel letters are a 3 dimensional graphical elements composing of individually illuminated structures. They can vary in sizes, colors, and depths. These type of signs are commonly used for exterior application for businesses, churches, schools, and shopping centers.

Due to their nature and design, you may opt to have the letters illuminate on the front or from the back creating a halo effect. Finally, these letters (or numbers) are installed on a long aluminum box, called a “raceway”, or individually mounted flush on the surface of your building.

Channel letters can range from different colors to various sizes.

Forming Your Vision

There are multiple steps needed in order to manufacture your quality product. After you approve the design, we forward it to our production department that begins the process of fabricating your sign. Our CNC specialist cuts out the faces and backs for the LEDs to attach to and passes the materials on to our channel letter experts.

From there, the team builds what you call returns, the walls creating the pocket, around the back portion of the sign. They also apply trim around the face of the cut acrylic, depending on the job.

Finally, the letters are retrofitted with up to date UL code LEDs, to ensure each letter illuminates to it’s maximum optimization.

Light Up Your Brand

There are a multitude of options to choose from and it can vary depending on your location and preference. We will do our absolute best to ensure you get the best out of your sign.


Light up your brand with us.

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